The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Oracles

For Delphi to Google
Everyday ways to access ancient and contemporary wisdom

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Oracles
by Gary R. McClain, Ph.D., and Carolyn Flynn

Dear Readers,
This book is about the getting of wisdom.
We live in a strange and magnificent time, a time of wonders, a time of endless choices. They call it the age of new media, the information age. With the Internet and with a plethora of ways to access knowledge, from DVDs to smart phones to high- definition TV to iPods, there are countless ways to find out what it’s really all about.
But while although knowledge is everywhere, we know wisdom is harder to find. Wisdom is the knowledge that lies deeper within. We believe you picked up this book because you want to lift the veil of knowledge and step inside the realm of wisdom.
When Solomon became king of ancient Israel, God (Yahweh) offered him any gift – wealth, health, or wisdom. Solomon chose wisdom. Why? Wealth makes sense, because then you know you will always have a roof over your head and food in your belly. Health – well, isn’t vitality the foundation of happiness? But Solomon knew that wisdom would get him everywhere he wanted to go[md]to be a strong ruler, to take care of his food and shelter needs, to be a healthy person, to find true love, to grow closer to his Creator.
We, too, want all of these things. So why would a rational, critical-thinking person turn to something as mysterious as oracles? Because after all the getting of knowledge is done, there is the getting of wisdom. Learning to use oracles is like learning to access the other 90 percent of your brain — and the collective knowledge of all beings and the Divine. It’s like tapping into the great underground channel, where the waters of timeless wisdom flow.
Seeking wisdom is a journey of self-discovery. We invite you to come along.

Gary R. McClain and Carolyn Flynn

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