Magic Time: A WriterSpace Retreat | April 19 – 22, 2012

Magic Time – a WriterSpace Retreat

April 19 – 22, 2012

Penuel Ridge Retreat Center, Ashland City, Tennessee

Magic Time is time you give to yourself, as a writer. In a contemplative setting, you’ll find the treasured quiet hours that stoke your creative fire. With mentored support, you’ll find just the right mix of guidance, inspiration and tools to develop your craft and build the practices that carry into your writing life beyond the retreat.

Think of the Magic Time writers’ retreat as a gift. As writers living in a fast-paced world, sometimes it can be a challenge to slow down, reflect and contemplate the narratives that unfold in our beautiful minds. Many times, even though you’re fully committed to the writing life, the time to think and write gets pushed aside. Life crowds your writing time. The frenzied demands of life crowd the thinking and reflecting that pour into your art.

That can make re-entry into the writing life difficult. The Magic Time retreat gives you that portal to come back to the page – and to develop practices that return you to the page again and again.

It’s often been said – and this is true – if you want to be a writer, sit your butt in the chair and write. The Magic Time retreat gives you the time to do just that, and more. The retreat will give you ways to “get to the chair” with your mind open, inspired, courageous and insightful. It will give you a clear vision for your story, for the true north of the writing path.

The mentored portion of the program includes:

> Morning body-mind-spirit meditation and yoga to calm the mind and awaken your creativity

> Labyrinth walks that allow you to center yourself and create your vision.

> Readings to inspire you

> Lively discussions about craft with fellow writers

> Creative visualizations that help you imagine, see and be a writer with a true north vision.

> Craft talks from mentors Terry Price and Carolyn Flynn

> Tools for setting intentions that carry you back into your writing life

> A community of intentional writers to support you


Whether you are an experienced writer who has been working on a project or a new writer who is hoping to establish a writing routine – or somewhere in between – this retreat is for you.



If you sign up by

March 15*


Lodging and meals for three days offered at $90 – a super deal!


Gain momentum and vision coming out of the retreat by adding a one-on-one, one hour, mentored session or critique with either Terry or Carolyn for only $45

Can’t come for the entire retreat? Come either Friday or Saturday one day retreat offered for only $95!


For registration, click and download the following form

Magic time registration.doc

and email to:



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