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The Agency of Character: What Happens to Tara vs. What Tara Wants


Flannery O'Connor

“If you start with a real personality, a real character, then something is bound to happen.”
– Flannery O’Connor, “Mystery and Manners”

Character makes the difference in writing a story — but exactly what is it that drives the story forward? The answer: Agency. What the character wants. What the character feels compelled to do, is obsessed with, refuses to do, will not accept.

Our stories sometimes fall flat when we focus more on what is happening to the character, just getting all the plot points in place. Instead, enliven your story by focusing on character’s desires and passions and quirks — what your character REALLY wants.

Join Carolyn Flynn for this call and be prepared with your questions and situations so that I can help you get to the page!


A Visit with Author K.L. Cook, July 17, 2012

Author K.L. Cook

Listen in as Terry Price and Carolyn Flynn visited with author, professor and raconteur, K. L. Cook and talked about his books, his philosophies on writing and the writing life.

K. L. Cook is the author of three award-winning books of fiction. His most recent book, Love Songs for the Quarantined (Willow Springs Editions 2011), a collection of thematically linked stories, won The Spokane Prize for Short Fiction. His novel, The Girl from Charnelle (William Morrow 2006/Harper Perennial 2007), won The Willa Award for Contemporary Fiction and was named a Southwest Book of the Year and an Editor’s Choice selection from the Historical Novel Society, among other honors. Cook’s first book, Last Call (Nebraska 2004), a short story cycle chronicling three decades in the lives of a West Texas family, won the inaugural Prairie Schooner Book Prize in Fiction.

He teaches creative writing and literature at Prescott College, where he has served as the Coordinator of the Arts & Letters Program and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Since 2004, he has been a member of the graduate faculty of Spalding University’s brief-residency MFA in Writing Program.

He has also taught, as a visiting writer, at St. Lawrence University, College of Charleston, University of Oklahoma’s OSLEP Program, and Our Lady of the Lake University. He regularly gives readings, workshops, lectures, and seminars at colleges, universities, and literary organizations around the country and currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Prairie Schooner Book Prizes and from 2009-2011 was a judge for The Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction.

Creating Your Own Writing Space, July 10, 2012


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Off the Map II: The Discovery and Pursuit of Originality, May 15, 2012

Here’s what Terry said about the call: Many thanks for everyone who joined in today for our talk about Originality. During our chat we talked about literature, the Pulitzer Prize, the Amazon, the leaning tower of Pisa, the Duomo in Florence, Van Morrison, wine, cooking, Harry Potter, vampires and Abe Lincoln…oh, and writing!

Interview with Richard Goodman, May 8, 2012
In Pursuit of Originality, May 1, 2012
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Each week, Terry and Carolyn talk ways to craft the writing life.

Join us for this call and be prepared with your questions and situations so that we can help you get to the page!

This is a series of free telephone conference calls with Carolyn Flynn and Terry Price and colleagues about finding your true north, taking time to find your bearings and then heading in that direction to which you were called, to which you are destined. The calls are thirty minutes in length and you can choose whether to participate or not! Just sit, listen, meditate and make notes if you feel like it.

How to join in? Just before the time, dial in at:


When prompted, enter participant access code:


Your call is muted until you press *6 after which you will be unmuted and can ask your question or make a comment.

Although the call is free, your own long distance charge, if any, will apply for those calling outside of the 626 area code.

Spots are limited and participants will be allowed on a first come, first serve basis.

If you can’t join the conversation live, you can get a link afterward or download the podcast through iTunes.

Carolyn and Terry

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