At SoulFire Studios LLC, my mission is to elevate authors, business-minded artisans and creative entrepreneurs through the power of words. I help you build a brand and a business around a book. I help you develop the vision for that book and find a place for it in the world. Together, we ignite a conversation. My authors thrive. They thrive because they connect and discover their voice and their light, through their words, with integrity, and they flourish with measurable return. I am more than a book developer – a writer and editor who can wrangle words, whether it’s fiction, memoir, trade nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, journalism or website branding copy. I am a storyteller. I thrive on courage and heart. I love to inspire. I love to nurture. I love to elevate. That’s why I call myself the story catalyst. I am the igniter of dreams.


Authors of authenticity and meaning Artisans of life and work and business Creatives who are ready to put their sacred yes at the core of their lives


Develop books through writing coaching and book proposal accelerator packages Provide developmental editorial assessments, critiques and editing Sharpen your writing skills by offering workshops and a hyper-engaged, nurturing and invigorating community Offer writing retreats that allow you to generate work in a contemplative, collaborative and supportive environment Build your author platform so you can build a engaged community that will amplify your book Develop powerful media messages that create an experience around your book  

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