Empowering Your Life with Massage

Alchemical Marriage
Using massage for sacred fulfillment and sensual empowerment
Empowering Your Life with Massage

by Erica Tismer and Carolyn Flynn
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From the moment of birth, we have a task: Flesh and spirit must befriend one another. At the first breath of life, we have emerged as a body, and if we are lucky, we have 80-some-odd years for that body to carry around a spirit. This initial union of the spirit with the fragility of the flesh, with all of its pleasures and pains, is the birthing place for this book, Empowering Your Life with Massage.
It is at this intersection of the flesh and spirit that massage plays its role in empowering your life. We believe massage is one of the best ways to connect the spirit to the body. And we believe massage can reveal the body’s mysteries and show the way to knowing the spirit.
Why is the union of these three[md]a body to mind and spirit[md]so vital to our experience of joy and peace in our lives? A body not connected to the spirit is a body that carries around a general sense of dis-ease. Something is not right. Something is missing. We are not content. We are on the treadmill of life, just trying to keep up with all of our obligations. We are silently asking ourselves, “Is this all there is?”

Empowering Your Life with Massage by Carolyn Flynn and massage therapist Erica Tismer, is about uniting body, mind and spirit to live more authentically in your relationships and in your work.