Where I’m coming from on this: You did not mean to live the life unwritten. Instead, you meant to live the life written. Anais Nin says, “I write to live life twice.” In this blog, I write about the tools it takes to live the life written.

You’ll find this space filling up with practical tip sheets about writing craft and the publishing world, topics such as:

    • How to write a book proposal
    • How to write a query letter to an agent
    • How to use an outline
    • How to write compelling dialogue
    • How to craft a narrative arc
    • How to find your voice
    • How to establish a point of narration
    • How time is on your side, or how time-boxing gives a story urgency
    • How to master the art of subtext
    • How to write unforgettable characters with agency
    • How to build an author platform

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What is the No. 1 thing that stops writers? Emotion. Like fear, doubt, loneliness. But the science of emotion can show us how to construct new emotional frameworks that support productivity hacks, time management, micro-disciplines and best practices like meditation and visualization.

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