The SoulFire, and Other Ways to Steal Fire from Heaven

About how to maintain that creative soulfire and not let the light go out

Too often, we lose touch with the daring and the innocent side of ourselves. We close off the imagination. We don’t just hold ourselves in awe. We flash-forward to the future and we lose sight of the present moment.

The inspired writer, creative or renaissance entrepreneur knows that the path to success, significance and mastery lies in staying tapped into the soulfire.
In this series of blog posts, you’ll find out how to use the soulfire to power your courage, your creativity and your life.

The Possibility of Story

Peter Pan, magical kisses and the place where we can come home When the twins were small, we used to make up stories together, stories that would carry us to deep into wild, enchanted forests or set us sailing on the high blue seas, stories that would catapult us to...

Retreat, then Advance: A Map for the Writing Life

The year my father died, my family was shattered. He died suddenly, and to this day decades later, even with an autopsy, we have no satisfactory answer. I was a young writer then, writing short stories with Ron Carlson at Arizona State University and before that with...

Why writing is an act of generosity, and what that has to do with Yoda

As writers, the generosity is in letting ourselves be empty so that something wiser may fill us.

Call it inner wisdom, call it illumination, call it Muse, call it creative spirit — to write, to settle in to the page, is to believe that it is forthcoming. As writer Robert Holden (“Loveability” and “Shift Happens”) says, “It shows up more often than not.”

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