The SoulFire, and Other Ways to Steal Fire from Heaven

About how to maintain that creative soulfire and not let the light go out

Too often, we lose touch with the daring and the innocent side of ourselves. We close off the imagination. We don’t just hold ourselves in awe. We flash-forward to the future and we lose sight of the present moment.

The inspired writer, creative or renaissance entrepreneur knows that the path to success, significance and mastery lies in staying tapped into the soulfire.
In this series of blog posts, you’ll find out how to use the soulfire to power your courage, your creativity and your life.

‘Just Beyond Yourself’: The Calling to Belong Again Took Me to Ireland

It’s nearing 10 o’clock at night on my first day in Ireland after being away for 36 years. When I last set foot on Irish soil, I was a young woman about to embark on a career as a journalist and author. Now I am an empty-nested woman who does not know how to write the...

How Retreats Give You Permission to Be a Writer

In this guest blog post, we hear from Jonatha Kottler, co-facilitator of the 2020 Ireland Writing Retreat along the Wild Atlantic Way, to be held June 21-25, 2020. I had wanted to go on a writing retreat for a long time. It wasn’t because I knew what to expect—maybe...

How to Write a Personal Essay in Three Easy Lessons

Part III: Making It Magic In this post, we conclude the series about how to write a personal essay in three easy lessons. I love the personal essay as a short form that can illuminate a vital issue or a slice of life. Sometimes the essay can be a great way to test the...