This agent pitch webinar is unlike any other workshop you’ve done.

The problem with most agent workshops is that underlying assumption that most writers won’t cut it, that only a select few will get through the gate. And so, you get panels with weary agents who sing the same tired song about hooks and inciting events, all of which amounts to, “I don’t know what I’m looking for, but I know it when I see it.”

They can tell you what it ISN”T, but they can’t tell you what it IS.

That’s your job, and that’s what this workshop does.

After years of being in packed rooms of writers clamoring for the latest tidbit about matching to an agent, and after a brutal boot camp experience at the New York Writers Workshop, I told myself there had to be something else, some other factor that created the success effect.

And I made it my mission to discover it.

The answer: Your confidence and your clarity about your work.

This workshop teaches you how to do that in the face of the deluge of rejection that seems to be the constant message writers hear from the publishing world. We hear the message so many times that often, we reject ourselves before we put ourselves out there. But Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert says that after years of collecting massive piles of rejections, she committed to not rejecting herself. “Don’t pre-reject yourself. That’s their job, not yours. Your job is only to write your heart out, and let destiny take care of the rest.”

What we’ll do

In this workshop, you’ll write an agent query letter and practice a pitch. You’ll learn agent basics such as:

> How to write the hook

> How to write the premise, the promise and the payoff

> How to scope out the agent who is the perfect match for you

> How to use your great referral network to get yourself 1.2 degrees of separation from the perfect agent

> Which Pitch Slam conferences are the most effective

> How to make the most of a Pitch Slam conference

> How to build your platform so that you can say the magic words, “My platform is on steroids”

But you’ll also learn how to build your confidence and clarity about your work so you present the complete package, an author with an irresistible book and a ready-to-launch publicity campaign.

That means some work with the power of intention, fearless inventory, really rockin’ visualizations and some really amazing peer coaching.

The webinar is offered in eight sessions over eight weeks, via an Internet connection or phone. Sessions are recorded and can be downloaded later, but participants are encouraged to do the sessions live because of the tremendous value of the peer group, which multiplies the success effect.

How much does it cost?


Here’s what one agent wrote on her business card after my pitch. These are the words you want to hear.

Normally, a webinar in this format would cost $797, but I’m offering it for $397 this fall. That’s a real deal!

Beyond that, if you sign up by Aug. 18, you can get it for $297.

When you sign your five-figure book contract – or dare we say, six-figure book contract – and you have that magnificent feeling of getting through the gate, you’ll think this was worth all that and more.

Because you want to hear these words: Send it right away!

Sessions begin Sept. 17. Email me at hello@thewritingspace.net to sign up.


All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection, or join on on the call from your phone. When you register, you’ll receive instructions on how to login.

Sign up for either the Wednesday evening session or the Thursday morning session. All sessions are recorded, and if you can’t make one session on a Wednesday, you can attend a Thursday session, or vice versa.

Wednesday sessions

8:30 p.m. Eastern/7:30 p.m. Central/6:30 p.m. Mountain/5:30 Pacific

Sept. 17, Sept. 24, Oct. 1, Oct. 8, Oct. 15, Oct. 22, Oct. 29, Nov. 5

Thursday sessions

10 a.m. Eastern/9 a.m. Central/8 a.m. Mountain/7 a.m. Pacific

Sept. 18, Sept. 25, Oct. 2, Oct. 9, Oct. 16, Oct. 23, Oct. 30, Nov. 6


Choose your session below, then fill out the form to register and pay.

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