Time doesn’t heal. Love heals.

When you lose someone, the people around you often don’t know what to say. “Time heals,” they’ll say, well-intentioned.

But grief is a stone in your heart. Many people live with grief as the reference point for their lives. “After my father died …”  or ” after my divorce…” and it can inform the way we live the rest of our lives.

“Love Heals: The Grief Project” recognizes that only love transforms.

David Kessler, the no. 1 grief counselor in America, says that “there’s something primal about grief being witnessed.”

When we share our grief, we realize it is huge. It is hard to believe the world can hold all that grief. And that’s where art comes in.

I believe art is a way to bear witness to pain and transform it into meaning.

“Love Heals” is very much an art project, because the alchemy of art transforms deep emotions into transcendence.

So, where does “Love Heals” begin?

Write a letter (or email) to Love Heals by June 21.

One of the artists with “Love Heals” will respond to your letter. The team includes visual artists, creative writers, poets, painters, jewelry makers, songwriters and filmmakers, pairing them with letters that resonate for them. We send you the art, and we’ll post it on this site.

Write your letter on a separate document, then enter your letter in the field below. We look forward to hearing your story!


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