Working on a book-length project can be daunting at times — especially if you, like many writers, are working around the demands of your day job or a family or both. It takes blocks of quiet time to sustain focus on your project and regain momentum. It also takes the support of other writers, who can hold your vision with you as your project takes shape.

At the Magic Time Writer’s Retreat, you’ll find just the right mix — blocks of time to deepen your focus and a supportive community of other writers. You’ll gain the practices that help you sustain your writing.  Join mentors Carolyn Flynn and Terry Price for what promises to be a very special time Penuel Ridge Retreat Center, nestled in the woods near Ashland City, Tennessee.

Hurry! The early bird price of $325 is good only until March 15, as well as the sweet deal on lodging and meals at Penuel Ridge. For more information and registration, click here. Or email carolyn@carolynflynn.com.

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What is the No. 1 thing that stops writers? Emotion. Like fear, doubt, loneliness. But the science of emotion can show us how to construct new emotional frameworks that support productivity hacks, time management, micro-disciplines and best practices like meditation and visualization.

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