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What I Learned About Storytelling from "Downton Abbey" | Carolyn Flynn









Terry and Carolyn begin the 2013 series of calls with a conversation on the storytelling of the popular BBC Masterpiece Classic Series “Downton Abbey.” This four week series of calls will focus on the following:

January 17 – Character and Dialogue

January 24 – Plot Twists and Structure

February 7 – Core Tension

February 14 – Meta-Consciousness

Join Carolyn Flynn and Terry Price for this call and be prepared with your questions and be ready to talk about your favorite parts of the writing and dramatization and what you’ve learned from watching this well crafted story.

This is a series of free telephone conference calls with Carolyn Flynn and Terry Price and colleagues about finding your true north, taking time to find your bearings and then heading in that direction to which you were called, to which you are destined. The calls are thirty minutes in length and you can choose whether to participate or not! Just sit, listen, meditate and make notes if you feel like it.

The calls are every Thursday at noon Central time (1 p.m. Eastern, 11 a.m. Mountain and 10 a.m. Pacific)

How to join in? Just before or at noon central dial in at:


When prompted, enter participant access code:


Your call is muted until you press *6 after which you will be unmuted and can ask your question or make a comment.

Although the call is free, your own long distance charge, if any, will apply for those calling outside of the 626 area code.

Spots are limited and participants will be allowed on a first come, first serve basis. The call is being recorded and we will post a link afterwards that will allow you to listen if it’s not convenient to join in live.


Carolyn and Terry


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