Welcome to The Story Catalyst blog

21July2014For years, I have been stealing fire from heaven. Which is to say, I’m a creative.

I am the writer calling you up out of the lonely village of the unwritten. I am the beacon flashing on the ink-dark ocean in the night, urgently reminding you that no, you did not mean to live the life unwritten.

You meant, instead, to stay present to your life and to render what is bold, illuminating and true through your words.

In my work with writers across the globe, I coach and speak and help them craft words that become irresistible books, captivating brands and thriving businesses. Often, their insights ignite a greater conversation.

But I’ve been looking for a way to get the word out more directly and more frequently so that I can guide more of you to the life of the written. I want to help you create work that feels targeted and joyful – work that captures significance and is not fleeting.

I wanted to give you insight and inspiration. I want you to find solutions and community here. That’s what the Story Catalyst is all about, and that’s what sets me apart from other writing guides.

I’ve decided that the best way to engage with you on the big questions you have about writing would be in my new blog, “The Story Catalyst.”

I think it’s an effective way for all of us to learn how to harness the fire, much as Prometheus intended when he stole fire from the gods at Mount Olympus and taught humankind how to use it.

This blog will not only create a mechanism for feedback – I believe my readers and my clients are my mentors – it will also create a searchable archive of actionable insights and encouragements, as well as a window into the way the mind of a writer moves.

I see it as a study of the practices of cultivating imagination and inspiration, which too often get lost as we condition ourselves to the world. I also see it as a study of courage, an inside look at how to remain undaunted and joyful on this expedition.

Expect to see posts from me on these topics:

The SoulFire, and Other Ways to Steal Fire from Heaven

About how to maintain that creative soulfire and not let the light go out

The Unwritten @ the Story Catalyst

Full of practical tipsheets about writing craft and the publishing world, topics such as:

  • How to write a book proposal
  • How to write a query letter to an agent
  • How to use an outline
  • How to write compelling dialogue
  • How to craft a narrative arc
  • How to find your voice
  • How to establish a point of narration
  • How time is on your side, or how time-boxing gives a story urgency
  • How to master the art of subtext
  • How to write unforgettable characters with agency
  • How to build an author platform

Ms. Persephone

In which I give you a behind-the-scenes look at the writing of my novel, Searching for Persephone;

In which I write about what it means to be creative, female and autonomous

In which I remain, as ever, fiercely feminine and enthralled with the masculine mystique

In which I write about the contemporary themes we can find in the ancient Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, about mothers and daughters; passion and grief; the tension between art and love.

Vox + Luz

Which includes my Daily Light photo posts, as well as musing about finding your voice even when you are disrupted or silenced

Faith and Meaning

About the search for love, faith and greater truths in a time of flux

The Fallen and The Falling

Which at its heart contains my father’s greatest life questions about abundance, impermanence and forgiveness

The Story Catalyst and You

Here’s how I see this working. Periodically, I’ll write a new post. It may be two in a week or a few times over the course of a month. This is a new endeavor for me, and it will work around my travel, speaking and coaching schedule.

What I can promise you is that you can count on me as a voice for writers, that I will always call you to be brave, be light, be you.

When I post here, you’ll get see it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and every so often, you can get an email with writing events and a summary of recent posts. On Facebook, I’m facebook.com/authorcarolynflynn, and I have a forum for writing retreats at http://tinyurl.com/theartofdisappearing. On Twitter, I’m @carolynflynn, and on Instagram, I’m carolyn_flynn.

What’s most important to you is that I hear from you about what’s resonating with you. What inspired you? What agitated you? What just made you have even more questions? (And questions are good!) What opened up your imagination, and what did you write after that?

I want to hear your perspectives, and I want us to share our joyful struggles as writers.

We are living in times that require reflection, compassion and wisdom. Let’s make sense of this together.