You did not mean to live the life unwritten.

It’s time to write your book, the one that illuminates the path of the here, now and forever.

Whether your enduring path is fiction, memoir or trade nonfiction,

I can lead you to the truest sentence you know.



Testament of Love

What do you believe about love? Read Isabel’s Testament of Love, hard-earned wisdom embedded with the truth of lived experience, which comes about one-third of the way into my novel, “Searching for Persephone.” What do you know now that you didn’t know then?

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Why writing is an act of generosity, and what that has to do with Yoda

As writers, the generosity is in letting ourselves be empty so that something wiser may fill us.

Call it inner wisdom, call it illumination, call it Muse, call it creative spirit — to write, to settle in to the page, is to believe that it is forthcoming. As writer Robert Holden (“Loveability” and “Shift Happens”) says, “It shows up more often than not.”

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Chasing the Fugitive: Thoughts on Winter Solstice

Every year, as we approach Winter Solstice, I chase the fugitive. It may seem I am chasing the light, but what I think I’m chasing is the temporal. What I find instead is the eternal.

Every story I create is more alive for knowing that I’m going to die but being able to hold that.

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Why This Teacher Mattered, and Why I’m Speaking Out

I’m a journalist. We aren’t the subject of news stories, but the messenger. But when the twins lost the most inspiring and effective...
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It’s for always

It’s Saturday, which means karate in the morning (Paul) and singing lessons (Grace), summoning forth a culinary wonder (that’s healthy,...
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Love Heals: The Grief Project

          Time doesn’t heal. Love heals. When you lose someone, the people around you often don’t know what to...
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